Security Information & Event Management


  • Security threats continue to be more sophisticated and advanced with each day, with the majority often going completely undetected.
  • Organizations are usually scrambling to keep up and implement new security controls to protect them, which adds a new layer of complexity.


  • With the rise of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and insider attacks, it becomes extremely difficult for security staff to detect all the risks.
  • Many IT and IT Security staff are already stretched thin by keeping track of many different security technologies that already exist.


  • CyberCIA SIEM can provide a great deal of visibility into an organization’s networks and identify extremely sophisticated threats that may have otherwise been hidden.
  • By integrating with other security technologies, our SIEM solution can act as a single window into the threats and possible breaches that your organization is facing.
  • CyberCIA SIEM technology is also becoming more advanced with the capability to use advanced correlation engines as well as big data analytics to provide insightful analysis and forensics into the overall data.
  • Use CyberCIA’s research to gain more insight into which vendors and products are appropriate for your business, and follow our implementation to ensure that you are set up for success.